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Java stored procedures are database side JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) routines. The procedure code is defined in a Java class method and stored in the database. This is executed using SQL. The procedure code can be with or without any database related code. Click to see full answer.PostgreSQL allows the users to extend the database functionality with the help of user-defined functions and stored procedures through various procedural language elements, which are often referred to as stored procedures.. The store procedures define functions for creating triggers or custom aggregate functions. In addition, stored procedures also add many procedural features e.g., control ...Here are a few simple stored procedure examples illustrating the new capabilities and concepts. Example #1: The following is a stored procedure that iterates over tables in a source schema and copies them into the current schema using Create Table as Select. Queries run are logged in SP_OUTPUT.This example will show you how to use java.sql.CallableStatement to get output data from a stored procedure. This example will use Microsoft SQL Server, the java code for other databases is the same. If you do not know how to create stored procedures in Microsoft SQL Server, you can read the article JDBC CallableStatement Stored Procedure Input Parameters Example first.In this lesson you create and modify both PL/SQL and Java stored procedures. You deploy Java stored procedures and call them from PL/SQL. You also use JDeveloper to execute and tune SQL statements and debug stored procedures. Back to Topic List. Scenario. You have existing PL/SQL and Java stored procedures that you want you manage with JDeveloper.Also if JDBCBatchWriter cannot be used to execute store procedure, which class is used to execute stored procedure to write to the database in Spring Batch. Can we use JDBCBatchItemWriter be used to execute stored procedure?